5 Qualities that Make a Great Apprentice

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5 Qualities that Make a Great Apprentice

An apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain industry experience and a qualification, allowing you to put your skills into practice. While you can enter into an apprenticeship without any experience, there are personal qualities employers look for before they hire an apprentice, including us here at Productivity Force. These are:

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude and a desire to get stuck in goes a long way in an apprenticeship and is one of the most important qualities we look for before we hire an apprentice. Enthusiasm towards work and a readiness to take up new challenges will be essential to not only the successfulcompletion of an apprenticeship but also a career in your chosen trade.

Willingness to Learn

A willingness to learn is important as you will need to motivate yourself to complete the work required for your qualification, while learning the practical skills required for the job. In addition, new technologies, tools and processes will emerge throughout your career which means that you’ll need to constantly keep up with changes in the industry.


A practical person usually does not perform best in a classroom environment and instead prefers to learn by doing. Practical people thrive in an apprenticeship as they are able to learn on the job from skilled professionals. They also tend to enjoy the physically demanding work, like being outside and get a real buzz from creating something brand new.

Effective Communicator

Apprentices who can communicate their concerns, ask questions, and make decisions effectively will gain the most out of an apprenticeship. These interpersonal skills will also be required for a successful career in the industry, where being able to work as part of a team and develop good relationships with colleagues is essential.

Time Management

Time management within an apprenticeship is vital as you will need to be able to balance a job role with a qualification. This will also set you up for a successful future as those who are good at managing their time know how to prioritise their tasks in order to complete projects according to deadlines.

If you think you have these personal qualities that make a great apprentice, or if you are looking to hire an apprentice, contact us today.

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