About Productivity Force

What Is Productivity Force?

Established in 2015, Productivity Force set out to revolutionise productivity within the construction industry. Specialising in self-performing crews and Trainee/Apprentice hire, we aim to embrace innovation, work collaboratively and empower our workforce.

A joint venture with the NSW Business Chamber, Productivity Force is taking a new approach to productivity through strong partnerships, effective training and a focus on our people.

We invest heavily in quality tradesman to ensure our clients receive top quality service. Our unique partnership with sister organisation, Productivity Bootcamp, means that all our Trainees, Apprentices and Labourers are thoroughly screened and trained before moving in to employment.

Our vision is to increase efficiency and productivity by embracing innovation, working collaboratively and empowering our workforce.

Our Approach

We achieve our vision through:

• Innovation – embracing new and innovative practices, products and technologies to improve efficiency.
• Developing our workforce – focusing on training and providing a pathway to the workforce for young people.
• Collaboration – working in collaboration with principal contractors and subcontractors to reduce labour costs and minimise cost blowouts.
• Commitment to quality – recognising quality as a valuable investment for our people and partners – ‘quality does not cost, it pays’.
• Rigorous WHS systems – cultivating a workplace culture of ‘no harm’ and embracing the principle that ‘safety is everybody’s business and is good business’.

Our Partners

Partnerships with NSW Business Chamber and our sister organisation, Productivity Bootcamp, enhance the opportunities and training of our apprentices.

Our joint venture with the NSW Business Chamber has provided a strong governance structure, financial backing and a large network of contacts to draw from. With over 20,000 members from a variety of industries, we have the contacts and resources to ensure our crews are the right fit to meet changing industry need.

Our partnership with Productivity Bootcamp gives us an unlimited resource of suitable and screened apprentices and trainees. This 8 week intensive program arms young people with the skills and attitude required to be a successful employee, incorporating a combination of practical, outdoor construction training with psychology techniques and strategies.