Back to the Future of Labour Hire

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Back to the Future of Labour Hire

Digital transformation will increasingly shape the construction industry, and yet we know it still takes the best people to make a successful company. Robotics and artificial intelligence will only be part of the future.

To continue attracting the best people, we must adapt how we interact with our future workforce. Failing to adapt to this challenge is not an option, as successive generations always have a new view of the world.

The next generations’ work credentials and attitude get much negative press, but we see this as an opportunity.

Productivity Force is leading the way in keeping labour hire relevant.

Productivity Force is on a mission

Productivity Force continually seeks new ways to find and engage with the potential talent pool of both young and experienced workers.

The next generation is “mobile-first” and uses voice commands as second nature. They intuitively communicate via social media platforms or gaming, and frequently like to use productivity apps in the workplace.

Our fast-paced tech world has opened up more visual and flexible ways of learning which younger workers embrace.

We envisage the increasing use of virtual reality to augment training, which we have seen in other sectors. Virtual and Augmented Reality is one exciting development we see ahead.

While we keep abreast of changing digital influences, we also apply our extensive experience of labour-hire and customer needs to find and prepare the best people for our customers.

The Productivity Force difference

Our goal at Productivity Force is to revolutionise Labour Hire by blending technology with proven traditional skills and ethics.

While digital transformation will make advances, we are mindful that people remain a crucial asset. Providing our customers with the best permanent and temporary workers drives us.

Productivity Force prepares potential candidates to become capable team workers, who can quickly boost your productivity.

Our thorough selection process, combined with visual and hands-on practical learning is second to none.

Along the way, we instil the qualities that employers seek, such as the work ethic, values and attitude to join busy work sites safely and competently.

We have developed new ways of training and educating the newer generation of workers.

We provide an environment where trainees are listened too, recognised for their achievements and then challenged again.

Through careful observation, we note that the younger generation values security and guidance, not just technology.

Our experienced trainers, therefore, provide guidance and support.

Part of our company philosophy is to improve ourselves continually. When we make observations, we then test and incorporate improvements to our training.

We always believe we can improve the outcome for both our workers and our customers.

Blending digital and traditional

We see a massive opportunity to improve construction and trades productivity through better-prepared workers.

While many focus purely on the digital bias of the younger workforce, we value a blended approach.

Our workforce are also trained in soft skills so they can communicate effectively on site and deal with the different personalities they will encounter. Part of our training includes personal reliability, problem-solving and injury prevention.

When our workers attend a work-site, they know what our customers expect in behaviour and positive attitude as well as excellent trade skills.

Back to the future

Changing technology and the different outlook of new generations is nothing new. Productivity Force embraces the future challenges, and we know that blending new digital technology with proven soft skills and technical skills will provide the best-prepared workers in the market.

Productivity Forces offers flexible ways for you to access workers, including short term hire, apprenticeship programs and permanent placement.

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