The Benefits of Temporary Labour Hire

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The Benefits of Temporary Labour Hire

One of the key benefits of temporary labour hire is the agility it provides, and if COVID-19 taught business owners anything, it’s the importance of this. The businesses that have flourished during this time are those who have adapted to the changing environment. Temporary labour hire providers like Productivity Force enable this by providing the flexibility to scale your workforce up or down as required. There are also many more benefits to utilising labour hire to outsource workers, including:

Cost Saving

Using temporary labour hire can reduce recruitment costs for your business. This includes the initial costs of advertising, selecting and on-boarding the employee as well as the ongoing costs of training, workers compensation, superannuation, leave and insurance, which the labour hire company are responsible for. Also, since temporary workers are only hired when necessary, companies can save on employment costs by only having fundamental staff on their books and expanding their workforce only when required.


Temporary labour hire solutions can vary from skilled workers to apprentices, both of which provide exceptional value. Skilled workers can fill gaps in your workforce when projects require particular skillsets, allowing you to bring in trades with the experience required to perform these specialised tasks, as required. In addition, Productivity Force’s work-ready apprentices can provide your site with additional support whilst leaving the management of learning, progression and mentorship to us.

Overcoming the skilled labour shortage

Another benefit of investing in temporary labour hire is that you are also helping to address the skilled labour shortage within the construction industry. This shortage is attributed to fewer apprentices moving through the system and the current workforce ageing out, which threatens the longevity of the industry. By using labour hire companies like Productivity Force who recruit, train and mentor apprentices, you are providing these young workers with the opportunity to build their skills and gain experience.

Are you wanting to reduce costs for your business? Are you having difficulty finding workers with a particular skillset? Contact us and we will connect you with the right candidate for the job.  

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