Building a Sustainable Workforce

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Building a Sustainable Workforce

A sustainable workforce describes how able and willing employees are to remain working and is critical in maintaining a sufficient workforce. It focuses on attracting and retaining the right people by meeting their wants and needs through mentoring, education, training and support services that enable them to progress towards their career goals.

Relative to other industries, the construction workforce is known for its high turnover rates as well as its challenges around recruiting new trainees and apprentices for long term careers. A significant reason for this is a general lack of investment in the development of the workforce, with the industry being said to have one of the lowest rates of per employee investment on training.

This has led to a sustained skill shortage in the industry, where poor training and a lack of supervision is leading to poor outcomes, including a shortage of productive and site-ready apprentices along with high drop-out rates.

Addressing this is our unique 8-week training course called Productivity Bootcamp. The program uses realistic work stations, tools and working conditions to ensure that the fundamental skills and safety, coupled with the right attitude is the foundation for our apprentices and trainees.

At the completion of the 8-week intensive program, we provide placement and ongoing education, progression and mentorship to ensure a high success rate and ultimately, a more sustainable construction workforce for the future.

At Productivity Force we take pride in the supervisors, trades, apprentices and labour hire solutions we provide to the construction industry, across Australia. We continuously work to achieve a safe, productive and quality-led environment for both our customers and personnel.

Contact us to find out more about our Sydney construction services and apprentice hire options.  

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