Building the Road to Success With Lendlease

One of the major highlights from the busy year in 2018 was a key partnership established between multinational construction and infrastructure firm, Lendlease, to work on the major Northern Road project.

The project initially commenced with a crew of skilled tradespeople and apprentices working on site maintenance and set-up, however after seeing fast results, quickly saw Lendlease triple the number of crews on site to assist with other projects, including structural concrete works. This fantastic project provided 6 young people with apprenticeship opportunities, allowing them to contribute towards a major project, as well as gaining valuable experience.

Productivity Force crews have a key advantage over other programs, with a mix of skilled tradespeople and work-ready apprentices, backed by 8 weeks of intensive training on a simulated work site, which means our teams are able to work together efficiently to drive productivity. It also allows construction firms to meet their Infrastructure Skills Legacy requirements.

With partners like Lendlease, we are able to tackle the skill shortages in the civil industry head on and help build our future workforce.

Further to this, Lendlease’s contribution to our sister company, Productivity Bootcamp, has allowed for the expansion and build of their second site in Penrith, NSW. This allows for more young people to receive training in Productivity Bootcamp and eventually gain apprenticeships in Productivity Force.

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