Changing the Perception

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Changing the Perception

The construction industry is experiencing a prevailing labour shortage with just half the qualified candidates per advertised construction jobs. This problem is also only expected to get worse as more older workers retire with fewer young people signing up to replace them. The main reason attributed to this is the negative perception around a career in the industry, with many perceiving the work as repetitive and unfulfilling with low pay and no development opportunities, when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

More Opportunities

The industry provides many routes to start off, and unlike those with University degrees who can find it difficult to land jobs after graduation, there is a growing labour demand with job seekers quickly finding quality employment in a wide range of positions. These positions are diverse and the opportunities are endless with plenty of progression opportunities, which require constant developments. At Productivity Force we recognise this by continually providing training, mentorship and development of the workforce, focusing on upskilling as new services are required.

Higher Pay

Part of changing the perception around trade jobs is debunking the myth that construction jobs pay less than some white-collar jobs. Due to the labour shortage in the construction industry, companies are willing to pay competitive salaries to attract skilled workers to construction jobs. Currently, there are many six-figure positions open with not enough skilled candidates to fill them, unlike other industries where well-paid positions are extremely competitive with far more candidates than available positions. And for those just starting out, construction jobs also often have higher starting salaries than most other careers.

Engaging Work

A career in construction also provides plenty of job satisfaction, no day is ever the same, every day is a new challenge and you can really make a difference to the local community in building essential infrastructure like schools, hospitals and roads. At Productivity Force we also work with a range of social enterprises, including Evolve Housing, a leading not-for-profit provider of social and affordable housing, based in Western Sydney.

The industry is one of Australia’s biggest and fastest growing sectors, meaning there will only be more demand for new talent as time goes on. Therefore, with many workers from other industries suddenly finding themselves unemployed or stood down, the construction industry may be a promising career change for them, or for anyone else who is thinking of their next move, including those just beginning their working life.

Contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about our pathways into the construction industry.

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