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Struggling to find quality workers for your construction projects?

We can help in a way that nobody else can. 
We provide unique labour-hire options customised to your specific project needs. Access quality work-ready, site-savvy productive workers – from apprentices and trainees to skilled crews!

See how our Bootcamp is helping provide businesses with quality workers for their projects!

Access work-ready apprentices and trainees

Our apprentices and trainees are like no other. Thanks to our unique partnership with sister organisation, Productivity Bootcamp, our apprentices and trainees come pre-screened, work-ready and have a higher base level of skills than other candidates, thanks to their 8-week intensive on-the-job training program (check out the video above to find out more).

Get skilled crews on your job

Access highly productive skilled crews of tradespeople combined with work-ready apprentices and trainees. Using our unique model, tradespeople do what they do best, setting out work, with the apprentices/trainees following along doing the lesser skilled tasks. This reduces labour costs, provides valuable training & experience and delivers a quality outcome.

Our experience:

Productivity Force crews have already successfully contributed to work on the Nepean Bridge, WestConnex, Northern Rd, Intermodal Moorebank and Sydney Light Rail as well as a number of other projects across Sydney.

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