COVID-19 and the Supply of Labour

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COVID-19 and the Supply of Labour

The unfolding COVID-19 epidemic has seen entire countries across the world placed into complete lockdown with the shutdown of all non-essential services. Currently, the continuity of building functions including critical infrastructure projects across the supply and support chain has been deemed as essential by the Australian Government.

In a media statement on the 18th March, the Prime Minister explicitly referred to construction sites as an ‘essential activity‘, confirming that the advice regarding large gatherings did not apply. Furthermore, as one of the largest employers, the construction industry is the survival engine of the national economy and it is therefore crucial that the industry continues to operate, whilst balancing the health of over a million employees.

At Productivity Force, we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees and have implemented social distancing measures, meal break adjustments and additional cleaning and sanitation practices.  Despite these measures being enacted on construction projects across the country, there will undoubtedly be an impact to the supply of labour. Therefore, establishing a contingency plan to allow vital projects to progress is crucial.

As the spread of the virus continues, more people are finding themselves unwell, in quarantine or self-isolation. Subsequently, regular staff may not be able to attend work for a significant period of time. Temporary labour hire may be a solution to reduce the impact of this. We can quickly mobilise reliable, skilled trades, labour and apprentices to urban and remote locations nationwide.

At Productivity Force, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are able to continue operating throughout this challenging time. Contact us to find out how our skilled crews and apprentices can assist.

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