Business in Australia

Business Australia

For over 195 years Business Australia has been providing practical support to Australian businesses with over 20,000 members from all different industries. Our joint venture with Business Australia provides:

  • Strong governance and structure; and
  • Financial assurance providing a strong platform for future growth

Productivity Bootcamp

Productivity Bootcamp

The desire to develop the next generation of Australia’s building and construction industry personnel led to our partnership with Productivity Bootcamp.

Established in 2015, Productivity Bootcamp provides a unique offering designed to get young people work-ready: intensive, 8-week training programs that help young people choose a trade and arm them with the skills, worth ethic and attitude they need to be valuable employees.

This is the only training program of its type in Australia – and Productivity Bootcamp has created purpose-built training facilities, which replicate actual building sites, that provide practical learning in a controlled environment.

These sites – at Quakers Hill, Penrith, Campbelltown and Nowra – are supervised by experienced trade professionals with a desire to teach and develop young people.

Think Outside the Square

Think Outside the Square

Think Outside the Square exists to turn good ideas into practical, physical products or platforms for the building and construction sector. From paper to prototype, it’s a proven platform and partnership to bring big ideas into a commercial environment. These ideas are the vehicle to improve productivity and safety on sites and decrease labour costs. Backed by Productivity Group, Think Outside the Square is a think-tank to drive innovation and collaboration within the industry.



Developed in 2015, the NON-DRILL Handrail System has revolutionised how the building and construction industry provides edge protection for its workforce. It enables resourcefulness, by using the existing lifters to connect handrail posts. Since the launch of NON-DRILL, the uses and benefits have grown substantially. Our clients are now incorporating anchors into designs where the system can be used as temporary or permanent system – and the system’s use on a range of construction projects is testament to the many benefits.



TAFE is the leading provider of vocational education and training in Australia and has been the trusted brand for delivering training for over 130 year. TAFE NSW is our preferred Registered Training Organisation.

Productivity Force