Post-Pandemic Recovery

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Post-Pandemic Recovery

As a key driver of the Australian Economy, the construction industry will be key to post-pandemic recovery. The sector not only produces infrastructure essential to the operation of other industries, but also generates over $360 billion in revenue and employs 1.2 million people.

The country is now however in the grips of its first recession in nearly three decades and due to this economic fallout, it is even more crucial the sector continues to keep businesses afloat and employees in jobs. Thankfully, the Federal Government is supporting the growth of the sector thorough economic stimulus designed to create work and spark a pandemic economic recovery.

This includes a new package which offers one-off cash payments worth $25,000 to those eligible for building and renovations projects, with the Prime Minister Scott Morrison stating that the new program was about job creation, and supporting one million workers in the sector. In addition to this, local governments have been urged to nominate potential road projects for funding, along with a further $3 billion Job Acceleration Fund, which will be used for smaller, construction-ready projects around the state, as part of further response.

Throughout these unprecedented times, construction work has continued, deemed an essential service and framed as a national economic priority. This, along with an increase in infrastructure spending, makes a job in the trades a secure and attractive career choice.

If you are interested in being a part of this post-pandemic recovery, contact us today to find out about our pathways into the construction industry.

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