Safety is Everybody’s Business

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Safety is Everybody’s Business

At Productivity Force health and safety is our priority and we follow a culture of ‘no harm; safety is everybody’s business’. We therefore do everything to provide our workers with what they need to do their job efficiently and safely. This means that if you are looking to hire an apprentice or skilled trade from us, then you can be assured that the following is carried out:


Training begins with the 8-week intensive program our apprentices complete through our sister company, Productivity Bootcamp. Construction health and safety is at the heart of this training with all apprentices taught safe work processes and practices, ensuring that before they reach the work site, they are aware of dangers and therefore have less chance of injury at work.


All personnel at Productivity Force are responsible for ensuring that no task is undertaken if safety standards will be compromised, as well as being actively encouraged to notify safety matters for the development of effective solutions. We also have thorough processes which identify, assess, monitor and control hazards including inductions, ongoing training and operating procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With the building and construction industry being one of the most high-risk industries we cannot afford to neglect this important aspect of keeping our people safe. All workers are required to carry their own PPE at all times while at work. This includes high-vis tops, hardhats, googles, gloves and work boots, all of which help to protect them from equipment, falling objects, flying particles and chemical splashes.


We meet all legal construction health and safety obligations and inform our workers on their requirements to ensure everyone understands and complies with Government legislation. This includes, requiring all our tradespeople to carry valid White Cards which certifies training on WHS legislative requirements, the principles of risk management and prevention of injury and illness.

In line with our culture ‘safety is everyone’s business’, we also ensure our labour hire clients value construction health and safety as much as we do. We therefore require that they provide a safe working place for our workers and are compliant with the Work Health and Safety Act and Work Health and Safety Regulation.

If you are looking to hire an apprentice or tradesperson who puts safety first, contact us today.

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