Building Precast Bays With Diona

In late 2017, Diona partnered with Productivity Force to build precast joint bays for our Ausgrid projects. Since then, Diona has continued our support of this exceptional program focused on increasing productivity by introducing more Apprentices and Trainees into the industry.

Through their sister company Productivity Bootcamp, young people are armed with the skills and attitude to be productive employees. The program uses a unique style of training that combines all practical, hands-on training outdoors with psychology techniques and strategies to change and shape the way young people view work.

“Productivity Bootcamp provides real-life work experience to participants giving them a taste of a real day’s work, showcasing the importance of safety and injury prevention, along with inspiring them to start a trade,” said Paul Breen, Founder of Productivity Bootcamp. Monica Tanyous, Senior Project Engineer for Diona, said that since partnering with Productivity Force six months ago, Diona has had eight trainees working on various sites across Sydney.

“We have seen a very positive difference in the attitude and motivation of the trainees who have gone through the Productivity Force program in comparison to those who are coming straight out of school. They have a greater understanding of the work and what is expected of them and are more confident in their interactions with the crews on site,” said Monica.